A Military History of Africa [3 volumes]

A Military History of Africa [3 volumes]

Author: Timothy J. Stapleton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313395703

Category: History

Page: 977

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A detailed and thorough chronological overview of the history of warfare and military structures in Africa, covering ancient times to the present day. • Provides a complete introduction of Africa's military history that is accessible to general readers without specialized knowledge • Supplies illuminating accounts of Africa's most important military leaders, from Hannibal of ancient Carthage to Queen Nzinga of 17th-century Angola to Paul Kagame of contemporary Rwanda • Portrays Africa within the context of a global perspective that portrays the continent's existence as an intrinsic part of a wider world, not as an isolated "dark continent" • Includes a comprehensive reading list at the end of each of the three volumes for conducting additional research