Art of Shooting

Art of Shooting

Author: Philip Treleaven

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 149613754X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 280

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This handbook is a 'primer' for the new target shooter: introducing the firearms, shooting disciplines and firearm technology, and drawing on the expertise of Bisley, the home of British and Commonwealth target shooting.The book is organized into nine sections and over 60 deliberately short chapters. First the basics:Part A - Target Shooting Basics – introduces the different shooting disciplines available. Part B - Firearms and Shooting Equipment – covers the different rifles, handguns, shotguns, black powder and airguns used by target shooters.Then we look at the major shooting disciplines which I have grouped into:Part C - Target Rifle Disciplines – provides a short overview of each of the main target rifle disciplines, such as Fullbore, Smallbore, High Power, Benchrest and Air Rifle.Part D - Target Pistol and Gallery Disciplines – covers target pistol shooting on so-called Gallery ranges.Part E - Historic Arms Disciplines – introduces shooting with black powder and muzzleloader firearms.Part F - Military and Practical Disciplines – provides an introduction to disciplines involving service weapons and military-style competitions.Part G - Field Sports Disciplines – as the name suggests, target disciplines based around field sports, such as Clay Pigeon and Field Target (Air Rifle).And finally we cover:Part H - Shooting Techniques – introduces marksmanship with rifles, handguns, shotguns and airguns.Part I - Specialist Skills – a group of chapters introducing skills and knowledge, such as the correct cleaning of firearms, hand loading ammunition, and the selection and fitting of sights.We have tried to keep each 'chapter' as short as possible, and provide references to further information (especially on the Web). More importantly we provide contact details for each of the target shooting disciplines. We hope you enjoy this handbook and it helps you get the most from target shooting.