Understanding Physics Like a Nerd Without Becoming One & More

Understanding Physics Like a Nerd Without Becoming One & More

Author: Kalayu Belay

Publisher: Emmanuel Light of the World Publishing Company, LLC


Category: Science

Page: 242

View: 599

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“Understanding Physics Like a Nerd Without Becoming One & More” is intended to benefit and awaken a reluctant reader so he or she can understand physics too. Even though this book is written primarily for students, the authors believe everyone can enjoy and learn from it. To fully understand the content of this book, readers need only a basic knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In addition to the instruction on physics, the book provides several real life lessons for readers to learn. The book is intended to engage and to be humorous; it is written to generate a smile here and there. Sometimes, it may even challenge your intuition. The authors truly believe that everyone can understand and learn; some people’s attitudes towards learning different subjects, including—perhaps, especially—physics, just need to be shifted slightly. The authors have written this book with a conscious understanding of people’s apprehensions towards physics. It is our conviction that anyone interested in learning physics who chooses this book may be surprised to discover how much he or she is capable of understanding the subject. The major requirement for reading this book is to have an open mind and to engage in it fully. By doing so, you may surprise yourself and the world around you by not only understanding physics but by excelling in it as well.