China Love You

China Love You

Author: Geshe Michael Roach

Publisher: Diamond Cutter Press

ISBN: 9781937114169

Category: Business & Economics


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The two largest economies in the world are now China and the United States—which means that these two countries will have the greatest influence on the state of our planet, for many years to come. If the two nations cooperate economically and politically, then the entire world will see a period of peace and prosperity which it has never seen before. And yet, surprisingly, those of us who live in these two countries know very little about each other. In each country, we read in our newspapers about the other, but this just gives us a general and often incomplete picture. We don’t really get to know each other, and it’s possible that we can start to misunderstand each other. Since our two countries are now the two strongest in the world, this kind of misunderstanding can hurt all nations. One place where normal Chinese and Americans work together every day is in business. When a big international business project throws us together, we begin to spend time with one another—we start to communicate more, person to person—and then the misunderstandings just melt away, often over a dinner table somewhere, because we find out where the other person is coming from and why they act the way they do.