Encyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology

Encyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology

Author: Se-Kwon Kim

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119143765

Category: Science

Page: 8365

View: 724

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A keystone reference that presents both up-to-date research and the far-reaching applications of marine biotechnology Featuring contributions from 100 international experts in the field, this five-volume encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of topics in marine biotechnology. It starts with the history of the field and delivers a complete overview of marine biotechnology. It then offers information on marine organisms, bioprocess techniques, marine natural products, biomaterials, bioenergy, and algal biotechnology. The encyclopedia also covers marine food and biotechnology applications in areas such as pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Each topic in Encyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology is followed by 10-30 subtopics. The reference looks at algae cosmetics, drugs, and fertilizers; biodiversity; chitins and chitosans; aeroplysinin-1, toluquinol, astaxanthin, and fucoxanthin; and algal and fish genomics. It examines neuro-protective compounds from marine microorganisms; potential uses and medical management of neurotoxic phycotoxins; and the role of metagenomics in exploring marine microbiomes. Other sections fully explore marine microbiology, pharmaceutical development, seafood science, and the new biotechnology tools that are being used in the field today. One of the first encyclopedic books to cater to experts in marine biotechnology Brings together a diverse range of research on marine biotechnology to bridge the gap between scientific research and the industrial arena Offers clear explanations accompanied by color illustrations of the techniques and applications discussed Contains studies of the applications of marine biotechnology in the field of biomedical sciences Edited by an experienced author with contributions from internationally recognized experts from around the globe Encyclopedia of Marine Biotechnology is a must-have resource for researchers, scientists, and marine biologists in the industry, as well as for students at the postgraduate and graduate level. It will also benefit companies focusing on marine biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, and bioenergy.