Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly

Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly

Author: Andrew-Carl Wisdom

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814629334

Category: Religion

Page: 164

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With the acceleration of technological change, new and distinct generations are created faster than before. Generational boundaries become more fluid. Multiple age groups have different generational mindsets, distinct worldviews, and varied spiritual needs. How, then, do preachers speak to congregations that comprise four to five separate generations? Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly addresses how to effectively and credibly preach to all generations at the same time. In Preaching to a Multi-generational Assembly Andrew Cal Wisdom offers a credible, new homiletic model to make Catholic preaching more exciting, accessible, and effective for both the assembly and preacher by making it more generationally relevant. He reflects upon the current state of preaching through Catholic and Protestant voices. He argues from communication theory that generation is a subculture like ethnicity and race and should be seriously considered in homiletic preparation. He applies contemporary marketing segmentation theory to preaching in proposing a qualified generational segmentation" of the Sunday assembly. Finally, he combines both theories to demonstrate both the opportunity and viability of intergenerational preaching in a Catholic context. Chapters are *Why Effective Preaching Is a Priority: The Problem, - *The Genesis of the Catholic Homily, - *Intergenerational Preaching as a Sacred Dance Between Culture, Language, and Meaning, - *What the Preacher Can Learn from the Marketer, - *The Catholic Sacramental Imagination: A Generational Bridge, - *Does It Work? The Mechanics of Intergenerational Preaching, - and *So What. - Includes tales, graphs, and a conclusion with practical suggestions on how to become an effective and credible intergenerational preacher.
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