Identical Relations in Lie Algebras

Identical Relations in Lie Algebras

Author: I{u0361}U. A. Bakhturin

Publisher: VSP

ISBN: 9067640522

Category: Architecture

Page: 326

View: 213

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This monograph is an important study of those Lie algebras which satisfy identical relations. It also deals with some of the applications of the theory. All principal results in the area are covered with the exception of those on Engel Lie algebras. The book contains basic information on Lie algebras, the varieties of Lie algebras in a general setting and the finite basis problem. An account is given of recent results on the Lie structure of associative PI algebras. The theory of identities in finite Lie algebras is also developed. In addition it contains applications to Group Theory, including some recent results on Burnside's problems.