Introduction to Myth, Ritual and Mysticism

Introduction to Myth, Ritual and Mysticism

Author: Phyllis Baker


ISBN: 151655132X

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Throughout history civilizations around the world have made their various myths, mystical experiences, and rituals part of their cosmologies. Introduction to Myth, Ritual and Mysticism is one of the first textbooks to combine the study of these three topics. It provides clear explanations of each, first exploring them individually and then discussing how they blend, connect, fortify, and sustain one another. The book explores the universal principles, stories, and commonalities that all cultures share, examining them from anthropological, philosophical, and theological perspectives. From this students will gain an understanding that regardless of religious and cultural differences, in many ways we have much in common. In addition, we have similar stories and approaches to life. Recognizing that myth, mysticism, and ritual are still important in contemporary societies, the book also provides clear examples of how they are presented and function in our world today. The book is appropriate for upper and lower division students and can be used in Anthropology and Religious Studies courses. Study and review questions are provided throughout the book to support and enhance learning. Dr. Phyllis Baker teaches Ritual, Myth and Mysticism, and Introduction to Anthropology at Florida International University. She also teaches at Nova University, and is Professor Emeritus of the Social Sciences at the Wolfson Campus of Miami-Dade College. Dr. Baker has been recognized in the Miami Herald as an outstanding professor. The American Association for Community Colleges has awarded her the National Leadership Award, and she has also received The Innovator of the Year Award from the National League of Innovation. Dr. Baker is the author of the books African-American Spirituality, Thought and Culture, and A Dreamer's Journey. In her current book, Introduction to Ritual, Myth, and Mysticism, Dr. Baker chronicles ten years of teaching about mysticism, an experience which has been enriched by her personal experience in this area.