Japanese Word Search for Kids

Japanese Word Search for Kids

Author: Yumi Nishino


ISBN: 9798767875665


Page: 124

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Master your language skills -- and have fun doing it. Here''s everything you need to know... Is your child looking to master a second language? Perhaps you''ve just moved, and now you and other members of your family need to diversify your skills in the Japanese language. Or maybe you''re simply looking to learn how to speak Japanese, and you''re exploring all the possible ways to enhance your education. Whatever the case may be, one thing''s for sure: if you have fun with this learning process, you''re certain to retain more information and become fluent faster and more confidently. Whether this is a gift for yourself or an uplifting present for someone you know, these simple and fun games are a fantastic way to dive deeper into the beauty of the Japanese language. The 12 themes built into the different word search games allow you to truly explore the complexity of the language -- without feeling overwhelmed. The structure of the puzzles themselves is simple and straightforward, allowing you to continue learning without feeling any unnecessary stress. It doesn''t matter if you''re just getting started or you''re already borderline fluent and you''re just looking to fine-tune your skills -- this is the perfect place for you to expand. With cute illustrations and a comprehensive list of words from "A" to "Wa", learning Japanese has never before been so accessible. In Japanese Word Search for Kids you''ll discover: 600+ Japanese words and their English translations A fun and interactive way to begin memorizing the most important words to set you up for conversational success The most basic translations and words -- N5 level words included (as rated on the JLPT: Japanese Language Proficiency Test)... so that you can be sure to master the basics for a strong foundation you can build on A comprehensive look at some words to fit every season, so that you''ll be prepared no matter what time of year it is 9 of the most fun animals to learn the names of -- and a perfect little puzzle to memorize these translations forever A detailed answer key for every puzzle, allowing you to double and even triple check your rates of success A breath of fresh air as you realize how much fun learning a new language can actually be ... and much more! Don''t let the process of learning Japanese stress you or your kids out. You don''t have to pressure them into their studies when you could instead simply give them a game that they''ll enjoy -- and naturally wind up learning this fascinating new language in the process. Relax, take a deep breath, and let''s have some fun with the Japanese language. If you''re ready to put your language skills to the ultimate test while also having some fun, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now. Customer Reviews ★★★★★ I really liked that they were able to learn about Japanese and English languages and Japanese culture. I particularly liked the word searches focused on specific topics. In the winter topic word search, they had words unique to Japan, such as「年賀状」, which really helped us use our imagination and enjoy looking for them. -A.S ★★★★★ I liked the word searches had larger text and were easier to read when compared to other similar products. The illustrations can also be used as a coloring book, which I think makes this the perfect game for children to play quietly with on a plane. -M.K ★★★★★ After teaching my kid how to understand the rule page with the arrows, they were able to read the rest by themself! The Japanese word search has a lot more rules than the English one, but is written clearly and is easy to understand. I think this book is a great way for children who are starting to recognize letters to learn hiragana. -M.I
Japanese Word Search for Kids
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Master your language skills -- and have fun doing it. Here''s everything you need to know... Is your child looking to master a second language? Perhaps you''ve just moved, and now you and other members of your family need to diversify your skills in the Japanese language. Or maybe you''re
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