The Chimera of Prague: Paperback edition

The Chimera of Prague: Paperback edition

Author: Rick Pryll


ISBN: 9780974505688


Page: 276

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"Pryll captures all the international sexual tension and possibility that was 1990s Prague." - Bonnie Ditlevsen, editor, Penduline PressDivorced expat, Joseph, takes a gap year in the late nineties, womanizing Prague with a vengeance. He obsesses over one elusive girl, and tires of the parade of women he assimilates into his sad life, Along the way, he figures three things out. First, he is going to end up alone. Second, the object of his infatuation is changed by the infatuation, rendering her incompatible with him, and third, the search is not about the girl. It is about unearthing a way to love himself again. His soulmate is out there. In fact, he may have already met her. "Chimera" features a unique story-within-the-story format as Joseph digs from finish to start through his first love in an attempt to understand his particular brand of dysfunction. As much as the big story is about a love affair with a magical city, the vignettes are an ode to Western New York State from which he hails, and the woman who originally broke his heart.
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