Notes from the Accretion Disk

Notes from the Accretion Disk

Author: Duane R Chartier


ISBN: 0970611501



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Living on the accretion disk of the Great Existential Black Hole can be dangerous and funny and tragic! The accretion disk is a very thin plane spiraling, spinning faster and faster as the inner edge disappears into the black hole. It is where the black hole attracts more matter with its massive gravitational force. There are black holes at the center of almost every galaxy and there are also accretion disks and their existential black holes in most peoples' lives. Zones where actions, thoughts and emotions can easily be sucked into the great black hole and disappear. We have all been there at one time in our lives - In a place where we can see everything that is spiraling in from the space around and everything that is disappearing into the void ... the other dimension, but we can't do a damn thing about it - it is what it is! Although most people have spent time on the disk of the Existential Black Hole, I contend, in all honesty, most of my life seems to have been spent there. I see it like a badly edited B-movie. Existential sounds lofty and academic but it is not highly philosophical, it is much more mundane and maybe even common sense. It is basically - things are what they are; things exist; shit happens.