Summary of Leah Guy's Overcoming Toxic Emotions

Summary of Leah Guy's Overcoming Toxic Emotions

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Buy now to get the main key ideas from Leah Guy's Overcoming Toxic Emotions Leah Guy’s Overcoming Toxic Emotions (2021) teaches you how to create positive change, live happier, and have better relationships with yourself and others for years to come through your own resources, determination, and spirit. Change is constant, regardless of our past, and making the choice to acknowledge change brings opportunities along with the unknown. Guy provides insight on micro action steps that readers can take to face their difficult feelings and support their desire for change. Everyone has the power to change their lives, despite the weight of our past pains and addictions. Healing is a process and the tools Guy provides can help readers move into a higher consciousness through healthy boundaries, relationship patterns, and a connection to one’s true nature.