Sourdough Cookbook 2021

Sourdough Cookbook 2021

Author: Collane LV

Publisher: Collane LV

ISBN: 1990387802


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Are you a lover of fresh sourdough bread? Find out how to cook it in your kitchen! Your Customers Will Never Stop To Use This Amazing cookbook! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for as long as I can remember, the city's iconic sourdough bread, with its crispy crust, airy and springy crumb, and unique sour tang, has been an important source of dietary delight. My parents would take us out to dinner, and I'd be totally full (and happy) from eating table bread before the meal even came. Later on, when I went off to college, the seeds of what has become my life's work were sown when I was gifted some sourdough starter by a friend's grandmother. This led directly to the core dietary staple of college life for me and my buddies: sourdough waffles. Many a night I would mix up the ingredients (milk, flour, salt, and starter) for the next day's batter, then leave it to ferment until the next morning, when the ritual of alternately making waffles (in three separate waffle irons plugged into the same outlet) and running to flip the circuit breaker when the power shut off would ensue for as long as the batter lasted. College boys can eat a lot of waffles. Thus began a lifelong obsession with baking at home using natural ("wild") yeast, also known as sourdough starter, as both a leavening agent and core ingredient. Over the years (then decades) of baking sourdough bread at home, I found myself constantly telling friends who praised my bread as the best they'd ever had how easy it was to make it. Nobody believed me because everyone knew how time-consuming, difficult, and complicated baking bread is-especially sourdough bread. Trust me, I'm not a trained Frenchchef; I'm just a guy who loves fresh sourdough bread. If I can bake it at home in my kitchen, you can do the same in yours. I'm really excited to show you how easy it is. Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing Cookbook!