Spare the Rod Love the Child

Spare the Rod Love the Child

Author: Anne B. Gielisse MA ARNP CNS

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477279237

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 116

View: 107

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SPARE THE ROD LOVE THE CHILD shows you a path into the domain of unconditional loving. The adventure begins with learning to love and respect yourself and your spouse. Next, you will discover the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children and learn how to meet them, set limits, and discipline with unconditional love, through every stage of development. Starting before conception, this book will guide you through the ups and downs of childhood into the phase that parents dread, the letting go of their children when they are grown; and into the new world of creating and maintaining loving, healthy relationships with your adult offspring. Every page reflects compassionate understanding for those who have the important task of raising and guiding children in todays world. "Written with love and a sense of humor, SPARE THE ROD LOVE THE CHILD {title in italics} is a highly readable workbook. The topics are broken down into easily identified segments, to facilitate looking them up. Helpful, practical activities and exercises show how to implement unconditional love. Dedicated to parents, grandparents, teachers, child care and health professionals, and everyone who cares about children, this book will show you how to teach children to accept and love themselves, so that they may grow into caring, balanced adults." David C. Reber, B.Arch.