Symbols, Scripts and Squiggles

Symbols, Scripts and Squiggles

Author: Valentine M Herman


ISBN: 9798703231401


Page: 94

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This eclectic collection of Symbols, Scripts and Squiggles was put together during the dark, lockdowned days of 2020. What the future held was unknown, uncertain and unsettling. To lighten my days, I turned towards ancient scripts and languages for inspiration, and that led to my voyage into calligraphy. The works presented here have been inspired by my explorations into, amongst others, Chinese, Tibetan, Russian, Greek, Indian, Persian, Hebrew, and Pharecian writings. Also included in one form are another are several Alchemical and other ancient symbols as well as Runic and early Germanic alphabets. And during this voyage of personal and calligraphic discovery, I made up two scripts of my own that are included in this book.