The Applied Theatre Reader

The Applied Theatre Reader

Author: Tim Prentki


ISBN: 0367376296


Page: 320

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Applied theatre : an introduction / Nicola Abraham -- Lexicon of key concepts / Nicola Abraham and Tim Prentki -- Introduction to poetics of representation / Tim Prentki -- Rabelais and his world / Mikhail Bakhtin -- Brecht on theatre / Marc Silberman, Steve Giles and Tom Kuhn (eds.) -- Laughing and yelling in the trouble : spaces of consensual courage / Sonia Norris and Julie Salverson -- Provoking intervention : spaces of consensual courage / Adrian Jackson -- 'Lift your mask' : geese theatre company in performance / Andy Watson -- Geographies of hope / Michael Balfour and Julie Dunn -- Culturally producing and negotiating women's rugby / Colette Conroy and Sarah Dickinson -- Introduction to ethics of representation / Nicola Abraham -- The work of representation / Stuart Hall -- On the political / Chantal Mouffe -- Choosing the margin as a space of radical openness / bell hooks -- Drama for moral education in mainland China : tensions and possibilities / Joe Winston and Chenchen Zeng -- 'I never knew I had so many health rights' - developing a health manifesto with young people living in Hillbrow / Katharine Low, Gerard Bester, Phana Dube and Ben Gunn -- Inside bitch : clean break and the ethics of representation of women in the criminal justice system / Anna Herrmann and Caoimhe McAvinchey with contributions from Lucy Edkins, Jennifer Joseph, TerriAnn Oudjar, Jade Small, Deborah Pearson and Stacey Gregg -- The ethics of aesthetic risk / Gareth White -- Transition and challenge ethical concerns in prison theatre / Marianne Knudsen and Bjørn Rasmussen -- Theare for democracy / Brendon Burns -- Introduction to participation and inclusion / Nicola Abraham -- Theatre of the oppressed / Augusto Boal -- Selections from the prison notebooks / Antonio Gramsci -- Participation / Majid Rahnema -- On arrival / Sara Ahmed -- Mobile arts for peace (MAP) : curriculum for music, dance and drama in Rwanda / Ananda Breed, Kurtis Dennison, Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo, and Kirrily Pells -- Lest all things be held unalterable : Brecht's message to 'zombie democracies' / Marina Henriques Coutinho -- Being imperfect : breakin' away from competitive battling in Singapore / Adelina Ong -- The gratitude enquiry : investigating reciprocity in three community projects / Sue Mayo -- Introduction to intervention / Tim Prentki -- Profit over people / Noam Chomsky -- When people play people / Zakes Mda -- Drama as a process for change / Dorothy Heathcote -- / Paul Sutton -- Unexpected resilience of the participant performance model for playback theatre / Jonathan Fox -- Introduction to border crossing / Tim Prentki -- Border crossings / Henry Giroux -- Decolonising the mind / Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o -- Home, away, and back again / Jan Cohen Cruz -- Brecht in Sicily : crossing borders / Salvo Pitruzzella -- The transacting project / Catherine McNamara -- Introduction to change / Nicola Abraham -- Problem-posing situated and multicultural learning / Ira Shor -- Synthetic culture and development / Renato Constantino -- Child rights theatre for development with disadvantaged and excluded children in South Asia and Africa / Michael Etherton -- Opening doors, not filling boxes : policy kinesis and youth performance with the Black Friars Theatre Company, Aotearoa, New Zealand / Nicola Abraham and Cristian Almarza -- Educaswitch : preventing bullying and advocating social and emotional literacy in schools for children and young people in Chile / Nicola Abraham and Cristian Almarza -- Planting dream-seeds in the wind when the point is to change / Syed Jamil Ahmed -- Applied theatre in global meltdown / Tim Prentki.
The Applied Theatre Reader
Language: en
Pages: 320
Authors: Tim Prentki, Nicola Abraham
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020 - Publisher:

Applied theatre : an introduction / Nicola Abraham -- Lexicon of key concepts / Nicola Abraham and Tim Prentki -- Introduction to poetics of representation / Tim Prentki -- Rabelais and his world / Mikhail Bakhtin -- Brecht on theatre / Marc Silberman, Steve Giles and Tom Kuhn (eds.) --
Applied Theatre Second Edition
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Six years after its initial publication, Applied Theatre returns with a second edition. As the first book to assist practitioners and students to develop critical frameworks for implementing their own theatrical projects, it served as a vital addition to this area of growing interest, winning the Distinguished Book of the
The Applied Theatre Reader
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Pages: 397
Authors: Tim Prentki, Sheila Preston
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The Applied Theatre Reader is the first book to bring together new case studies of practice by leading practitioners and academics in the field and beyond, with classic source texts from writers such as Noam Chomsky, bell hooks, Mikhail Bakhtin, Augusto Boal, and Chantal Mouffe. This book divides the field
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This book analyses the work of applied theatre practitioners using a new framework of ‘responsivity’ to make visible their unique expertise. In-depth investigation of practice combines with theorisation to provide a fresh view of the work of artists and facilitators. Case studies are drawn from community contexts: with women, mental
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‘Here’s a knocking indeed!’ says the Porter in Shakespeare’s Scottish play (Act II, Scene 3) and immediately puts himself into role in order to deal with the demands of such an early call after a late night of drinking and carousal: ‘If a man were porter of hell-gate...’. But what