The Troll Trap (Smelly Trolls : Book 1)

The Troll Trap (Smelly Trolls : Book 1)

Author: Rosen Trevithick

Publisher: Rosen Trevithick


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 188

View: 494

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Book 1 in the Smelly Trolls series. Rufus Sebbleford is the only boy in the world to have ever seen a real troll. So, when he finds out that trolls plan to attack Sludgeside School, he must stop them with the help of his good friend Polly. Meanwhile, the Super-Troll-Knobbly-Foot family decide to turn their backs on smelly bottoms and eating children. They don't want to be bad any more. So, they paint themselves orange and try to live like humans. However, being enormous, horned and slimy makes it difficult to blend in. Will Sludgeside ever be safe from the disgusting bad trolls and their horrifying leader, The Ogre of Uggle? A stinky, squelchy adventure packed with secret dens, tree climbing, troll traps and lots and lots of revolting smells.