Twenties Girl
Language: en
Pages: 496
Authors: Sophie Kinsella
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-09-15 - Publisher: Random House

A hilarious story of love, dancing, fashion and a very unlikely friendship. If you suddenly had a friend that only you could see or hear, what would you do? You could worry that your stressful life has tipped you over the edge and you have lost the plot, big time
New Orleans in the Twenties
Language: en
Authors: Widmer, Mary Lou
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Pelican Publishing

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Reverse Chronicles: Unraveling of the Past
Language: en
Pages: 153
Authors: Jihyeong Jonas Park
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Kokoro Press

In a realm between life and death, in a place that human beings have no idea exists, is the Time Continent. Unbeknownst to humankind, the Time Continent is where a select group of disembodied souls spend their afterlife, dictating the course of human events throughout history. It is the inhabitants
Making Identity Count
Language: en
Pages: 264
Authors: Bentley B. Allan
Categories: Constructivism (Philosophy)
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-05-04 - Publisher: Oxford University Press

Constructivism, despite being one of the three main streams of IR theory, along with realism and liberalism, is rarely, if ever, tested in large-n quantitative work. Constructivists almost unanimously eschew quantitative approaches, assuming that variables of interest to constructivists, defy quantification. Quantitative scholars mostly ignore constructivist variables as too fuzzy
Biography of Sophie Kinsella
Language: en
Pages: 25
Authors: Linda F.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-03-02 - Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ABOUT THE BOOK "I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career, but didn't have any expectations of becoming a full-time novelist.” - Sophie Kinsella Who Is Sophie Kinsella? Often described as the quintessential queen of “chick lit,” Sophie Kinsella is the pen name for bestselling British author