Wind Whisper My Name

Wind Whisper My Name

Author: Edwina C. Orth

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595468874

Category: Fiction

Page: 142

View: 493

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Sabeen was bathing, and had just risen from the water close to the shore. She looked like a goddess in the soft twilight. Her form was graceful; her figure was slim yet rounded . To Votu and Deek, Sabeen is perfection. Both deeply passionate young men hope to win her affection. Votu, knowing that his clan's survival depends on cooperation, hunts game and catches fish for shared winter storage, cuts wood to provide heat against the coming cold, and mends huts for shelter. Deek, living as a stranger among the clan, fights demons from his past, fuels his dark anger with jealousy, and devises a scheme to eliminate his rival. Reading the earth's signs, the clan elders anticipate the bitterness of another winter and sense it is time to migrate to a new settlement, away from the advancing ice. With the welfare of the clan at stake, a scouting party treks up the mountain to say farewell to relatives and friends at their old village. Eager to rid himself of Votu and have Sabeen as his own, Deek works tirelessly to sabotage the effort, hoping to ambush Votu. Set against the beautiful yet dwindling bounty of a mountain valley, Wind Whisper My Name is an adventure of people driven by jealousy, love, and instinct who must depend on one another to survive an impending ice age.