You Can't Fix Them--Because They're Not Broken

You Can't Fix Them--Because They're Not Broken

Author: Jo Eckler

Publisher: Spiral Staircase Publishing

ISBN: 9781734665932

Category: Psychology

Page: 185

View: 767

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Have you gone from feeling like you were finally following your true calling as a helper and healer to dragging yourself out of bed? Where did all the excitement, wonder, and gratitude go? You’re exhausted physically and emotionally from juggling challenging clients and the mundane side of helping work. You might even have daydreamed about quitting. Or perhaps you’re new to helping and not sure how to navigate client relationships, run your practice, and somehow still have a life. Whether you’re an acupuncturist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki healer, coach, astrologer, or counselor, this book is your companion. Discover simple, effective techniques to: · Soothe burnout and relieve compassion fatigue · Enhance your own resilience · Break free from impostor syndrome · Feel empowered to maintain healthier boundaries · Customize your career to meet your needs · Plus, find out what you don’t know about change—this information can take you from frustrated to fulfilled Dr. Jo Eckler is a licensed clinical psychologist and registered yoga teacher trained in energy work, sound healing, and as a death & mourning doula. You’ll benefit from their 20 years of professional experience as a helper working directly with clients, supervising trainees, leading workshops, and consulting. It’s time to go beyond self-care clichés and get the practical tools you need to share your gifts with others while keeping yourself nourished in the process. Start crafting a more sustainable future today.